A Resilient San Antonio, TX: The City and River

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Region: Southwest
Location: San Antonio, TX, USA
Species: Bass,
Ecosystem: Freshwater
Threats: Drought, Storms, Wildfires
Human Activities: Recreational Fishing
Habitat: River
Climate Impact: Warming Water, Wildfires

Product Description

Author: Shaun Donovan.  Audiences: Nature-based recreationists, bikers, hikers, local residents

For San Antonio’s residents, its eponymous river is a part of the fabric and culture of the city. Restoring an 8-mile stretch of the river south of the city provided habitat for birds and fish and created 15 miles of hiking and biking trails, creating more resilience for many species in the face of the climate change-induced drought, flooding, and fires. There are many ways to get involved on a smaller scale to help provide resilience including planting native trees and plants along the river, using rain barrels to reduce water consumption, and picking up litter that would make its way into the river helps preserve the San Antonio River and the city’s way of life.

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